R11: Budapest, Hungary
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Bonus points scores
Remark: The scoring is the result of correct guessed Qualifying postions and the prediction of the fastest race lap time.
Pos. Team Owner Over. R01R02R03R04R05R06R07R08R09R10R11R12R13R14R15R16R17R18R19R20
1.The Viper FXSuperviper62505105146647          
2.Man Soapsgreencarz55101005905565          
4.RALF CAN RETURN 1ralf5391041558155          
5.MVY RACING-IIking_190551010473311058          
6.Ed BullEdd5110522505589          
7.crashteamracingdavid mcavoy51811005090810          
8.Woking After MidnightLoudPedal5010155555545          
9.SuzieQ RacingLoudPedal50101855560010          
10.X-Wing Motorsports1COOLFOX5081050507555          
12.Vedat Racing-Iking_190549510344230108          
13.FX AberdeenNorm Macrae49105010005955          
15.Shoestring RacingLoudPedal4910045101010000          
16.Crashpilots2 Black CatRainer-Zufall7048550109010072          
17.Vedat GPking_19054805500980129          
18.Flat Tyremmi16476552784505          
19.Cillit BangersFerrari SpA46105010605055          
20.CashbackAlan Partridge46105010506055          
21.Cooper ClimaxMaxwell4555675512000          
22.Breakfast Of ChampionsCavallino Rampante45105010055055          
23.Anyone but Ferrarihuw davies4558041059004          
24.Vedat PFRLCup Teamking_19054555423121058          
25.Chitty Chitty Bang BangIan4555505551005          
1 / 108 

156 Race 11 014
841 Budapest, Hungary (28.7.2017-30.7.2017) 253

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