R08: Baku, Aserbaidschan
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Rennserie: Peggys Unofficial League - Gesamtwertung
Gewinner in der Saison 2016: jomoboxtv (CAN);  Rennserienwertung: Platz 7   
Rennserien Besitzer: Jon Larrance, E-Mail Adresse: -
All friends are welcome.

You may enter two teams in this league.

Best overall team wins the Unofficial Peggy's Crown including any rights and privileges associated with it. However, keep in mind that this is the Unofficial League which carries no Montrealian Cup status, privileges or rewards. 
  Rennserie Weltmeisterschaft
Rang Team Besitzer S P R Gesamt R07TotalR07Rang
CRL1.=297 Canyon Choppers Ltd96 M.OMark FeltsEUSA30083064276478.
CUP2.+1153 TRS Racing96 M.PTom ScheetzELCA1008218655108301.
CUP3.-1349 Cashback98 M.OAlan PartridgeR2
PFRL Rookie League Gewinner 2016
PFRL Top 25 Teilnehmer 2016
PFRL Top 25 Konstrukteur 2016
CUP4.=198 Weiss-Racing-295 M.Pmweiss2R
PFRL Rookie League Gewinner 2007
CUP5.+2153 RT-Big Trip94 M.PMaximus666PCAN0115215621106820.
6.-1309 RA5100 M.OFlitzerEGER0005010670103150.
7.-1310 Murdanus798 M.PMurdanusEHUN000424661100243.
8.=121 Cabin John Racing95 M.PTom ScheetzELCA10036061790899.
9.+6154 Hamilton Fan97 M.OAnnette FeltsPUSA0103212630105664.
10.-1014 Scoops Team FFree96 M.OScoopermanN
Nationaler PFRL Meister Grossbritannien 2015
11.-1349 Swipe Right92 M.OFerrari SpAPGBR01028064289472.
12.-1006 Scoops Team FFore100 M.OScoopermanN
Nationaler PFRL Meister Grossbritannien 2015
13.-1467 Racinothers93 M.PDavid CraigPGBR001260579821522.
14.-1439 The Ghost of Alacoque97 M.PJon LarranceEUSA000240611901006.
15.-1250 Spinal Tarp100 M.PMark FeltsEUSA000231581961488.
16.=099 QuickExit Effort100 M.PTekMonstrePCAN0111685721031602.
17.=439 Jenson Rosberg88 M.PJon LarranceEUSA0001265291022082.
18.=100 AELLC499 M.PRKPoodleEUSA00150554731830.
19.=209 Alaska 197 M.PAlaska FXC
PFRL Cup Gewinner 2014
20.=156 Montreal Cup Wife94 M.PAnnette FeltsPUSA00022565971695.

154 Rennen 8 014
832 Baku, Aserbaidschan (23.6.2017-25.6.2017) 250

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