R12: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
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PFRL Race Result
1. Ultra Miyamoto NintendoFX (jobb.)
2. Dominiks CL 2013 squad (Dominik)
3. Klappspaten (GaKra Motors)
PFRL Qualifying Result
1. Benfica Grand Prix (jobber20224.)
2. Holistic Racing 2 (DirkGently68)
3. White Rose FX (Eisus)
Fastest PFRL Race Lap Time
Manly Muscle (mortonsi)
Lap Time 1:50.758
RACE DATE: 24.08.2014 - 44 LAPS
Belgian Race 2014  


The Pure Fantasy Racing League is not just a simple prediction game. It is a Fantasy Formula X competition from Austria for Formula X fans from all over the world.

Be a PFRL Manager and create your own Fantasy FX Teams, do not exceed the available budget and follow the real Formula X races on TV. Try to improve your teams and increase your budgets during the season by making clever component transfers.

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PFRL World Championship:
The leader is again Dominik (AUT) with the team Spitzenteam. On 2nd position follows again Peter Daniel (AUT), now 30 points behind. The podium is completed also by Peter Daniel (AUT).

PFRL Constructors World Championship:
The leader is again Peter Daniel (AUT) with a score of 1187.0 points. Dominik (AUT) lies still on 2nd position, now 10.6 points behind place 1. On 3rd place follows again Schumacher (TUR).

Fastest race lap in Budapest:
Dennis Craig, GBR - 1:25.724
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1 point for Toto Wolff????

Qualifying: The ranking is based on the average of the positions of BOTH drivers (Hinweis an Maverick!) from the assigned real racing team. In the case of an equal score the tie-breaker is the best single placement of a driver.

Dominik - 26.07.2014 21:51:19
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Total Score
Pos. Team Points
1. Spitzenteam 1234
2. PDaniel FX Team 1204
3. F07-01-2010 1194
4. piccolino 1194
5. Ein_gut_klingender_Motor 1188
6. No-one nose 1182
7. Mubins CRL Team 1173
8. shi-2 1171
9. Rois X5-6 Champions 1170
10. PeDa 1169
Score Race 11
Pos. Team Points
1. Dan fuld gas 134
2. Rubicon4 133
3. Spitzenteam 131
4. mVy_2 129
5. Dominiks CL 2014 squad 129
6. Team Malaz 129
7. Jacksons Racing 129
8. Ein_Fahrer_mit_Eiern 128
9. BoxsterRomp 128
10. Puddleduck UK Racing 127
Expert Heinz P.
Pos. Tip Qualifying (Race 12)
1. Nico Rosberg
2. Lewis Hamilton
3. Valtteri Bottas
Pos. Tip Race result
1. Nico Rosberg
2. Lewis Hamilton
3. Daniel Ricciardo
Predicted Fastest Race Lap
Nico Rosberg (1:52.026) - Lap 42 

185 Race 12 011
991 Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium (22.8.2014-24.8.2014) 195