R19: Abu Dhabi, UAE
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The new season starts on February 1st, 2015!


The Pure Fantasy Racing League is not just a simple prediction game. It is a Fantasy Formula X competition from Austria for Formula X fans from all over the world.

Be a PFRL Manager and create your own Fantasy FX Teams, do not exceed the available budget and follow the real Formula X races on TV. Try to improve your teams and increase your budgets during the season by making clever component transfers.

Take part in following competitions:
PFRL World Championship
PFRL Constructors World Championship
National Championship
Public or Private Leagues
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PFRL World Championship:
The victory goes to Dominik (AUT) with the team 41 Victories for Aut. On 2nd position follows Dominik (AUT), just 5 points behind. The 3rd and 4th positions are also occupied by Dominik (AUT).

PFRL Constructors World Championship:
The winner is also Dominik (AUT) with a score of 2247.7 points. Schumacher (TUR) has finished on 2nd position, 56.1 points behind place 1. The podium is completed by CarlisleFrost (USA).

Fastest race lap in Abu Dhabi:
Toppers Tossers, GBR - 1:44.497
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Why do we need to pay for secrecy?

Well, since it's the off-season and we have nothing else to talk about it, I'll throw in my thoughts on the "Secrecy" issue.

In the Yahoo NASCAR fantasy games, nobody can see what their opponents choose until after the pits are closed. It doesn't cost anything.

I see no reason why I should have to spend money just so somebody else can't see what components I ...

MariaFan - 13.12.2014 23:55:24
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Total Score
Pos. Team Points
1. 41 Victories for Aut 2272
2. Spitzenteam 2267
3. Dominiks CL 2014 squad 2264
4. Monoposto Racing Deluxe 2255
5. Terrore Rosso 2244
6. Who the Duck Knows 2231
7. Ein_gut_klingender_Motor 2224
8. Fortrose03 2221
9. Willys Whizzers 2218
10. piccolino 2212
Score Race 19
Pos. Team Points
1. Insert Funny Name Here 190
2. Vantage-Racing 187
3. Red Terror 187
4. Dominiks CL 2014 squad 186
5. Dominiks Cup 2014 squad 186
6. Orlandu 185
7. LuckyWin Racing 184
8. Monoposto Racing Deluxe 184
9. 41 Victories for Aut 184
10. Mighty_Mariners 183
Expert Heinz P.
Pos. Tip Qualifying (Race 19)
1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Nico Rosberg
3. Valtteri Bottas
Pos. Tip Race result
1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Nico Rosberg
3. Valtteri Bottas
Predicted Fastest Race Lap
Lewis Hamilton (1:44.475) - Lap 54 

185 Race 19 011
995 Abu Dhabi, UAE (21.11.2014-23.11.2014) 202