R16: Manama, Bahrain (2)
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RACE DATE: 06.12.2020 - 87 LAPS
Bahrain Race 2 2020  


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is not just a simple prediction game. PFRL.net is a Fantasy F1 manager game from Austria for Formula 1 fans from all over the world.

As a Formula 1 Manager you are able to create your own Fantasy F1 Teams within the available budget and you follow the real Formula 1 races on TV with more excitement. Try to improve your Fantasy F1 teams and increase your team budgets during the season by making clever component transfers.

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PFRL World Championship:
New in the lead is agentP (NOR) with the team 'MazdaSPEED Rotarysport'. On 2nd position follows now Schumacher (TUR), but only 4 points behind the leader. The podium is completed by Flavio (AUT), just another 15 points away.

PFRL Constructors' World Championship:
The leader is again katalyst (GBR) with a score of 1776.4 points. CarlisleFrost (USA) lies on 2nd position but is now only 10.1 points behind the leader. On 3rd place follows again Schumacher (TUR).

Fastest race lap in Bahrain:
Kaffeefahrt, GER - 1:32.014
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Budget Caps

The FIA has approved a new, reduced cost cap for F1 teams and a new sliding scale rule for aerodynamic testing after a vote of the World Motor Sport Council on Wednesday.

A cost cap had already been agreed by the teams and the sport's governing body, but after Wednesday's vote the cap for 2021 will be lowered from the original figure of $175m per year to $145m, with further reductions in the following years.

That's why the PFRL budget cap according to the exisiting rules (4.2 Resource restriction agreement) ...

Maverick - 02.12.2020 18:40:01
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Total Score
Pos. Team Points
1. MazdaSPEED Rotarysport 1803
2. Mubin Racing Team 1799
3. Nelson Piquet 1784
4. FastSteveCup 1771
5. Mubins CRL Team 1769
6. HuntTheShunt 1767
7. Formula Otal 1764
8. Rois X5-1 1762
9. Ayrton Senna 1759
10. Setzholz 1759
Score Race 15
Pos. Team Points
1. Mubin GP 159
2. Ay_Caramba 158
3. Maverick FX Racing 157
4. Frost GP5 155
5. The Bleeding Edge 155
6. Rois X5-7 Champions 154
7. Frost CRL Racing 154
8. Ferrari are cheats 153
9. Rasensprenger 153
10. AstonMartin - CUP 152
Expert Haettiwari
Pos. Tip Qualifying (Race 16)
1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Valtteri Bottas
3. Max Verstappen
Pos. Tip Race result
1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Max Verstappen
3. Valtteri Bottas
Predicted Fastest Race Lap
Lewis Hamilton (1:00.312) - Lap 85 

121 Race 16 017
568 Manama, Bahrain (2) (4.12.2020-6.12.2020) 320

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