R13: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
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Bonus points scores
Remark: The scoring is the result of correct guessed Qualifying postions and the prediction of the fastest race lap time.
Pos. Team Owner Over. R01R02R03R04R05R06R07R08R09R10R11R12R13R14R15R16R17R18R19R20R21
77.Black Cat Racers - BasilAlan_T_Riley59552510512105000         
78.Cleo Cat RacingCarlo_Carrera5909055131075500         
79.Jade SabreHelen Ardron59550585665950         
80.BIGWOOD OpelDaijhi25955357106351000         
81.The Tarmac KingsDave Alexander5955255611055010         
82.The Bleeding EdgeDave Alexander595535551555510         
83.Fenerbahce-Ferrari 2BabyShaq59050410105105550         
84.Mondo Racersmondopest5905059555105010         
85.A Cup Of BeansAlan Partridge5851003651455500         
86.Frost GP5CarlisleFrost581050013510500010         
87.Fossy Favourites 19Villiers2006587103058555505         
88.The MajorLorrieJen585020101011501005         
89.Back of the Gridmalcdal58550001412125500         
92.Back Door StrangersBertuzzi58108050100105055         
94.The Racing DeadConstable57580010105400105         
95.Worth A WipeCavallino Rampante5751001610556900         
96.Taking Care Of BusinessFerrari SpA57101000651355030         
97.Frost GPCarlisleFrost5751050755100505         
98.Mubin RacingSchumacher579100588255500         
99.LaubrechenGaKra Motors57511007121070500         
100.Bear Dog RacingCarlo_Carrera575505848107500         
4 / 93 

134 Race 13 016
673 Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium (30.8.2019-1.9.2019) 296

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