R15: Sochi, Russia
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1. Katalyst FXC (katalyst)
2. ForceGermany (Hiensi)
3. FORCE NEPAL Pokhara (Futchi)
1. Xippo4 (Xippo)
2. Solotip 5 (Solotip)
3. 00 Dastardly and Muttley (spystocks)
Flat Tyre (mmi16)
Lap Time 1:37.030
RACE DATE: 26.09.2021 - 53 LAPS
Russian Race 2021  


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is not just a simple prediction game. PFRL.net is a Fantasy F1 manager game from Austria for Formula 1 fans from all over the world.

As a Formula 1 Manager you are able to create your own Fantasy F1 Teams within the available budget and you follow the real Formula 1 races on TV with more excitement. Try to improve your Fantasy F1 teams and increase your team budgets during the season by making clever component transfers.

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PFRL World Championship:
Back in the lead is GaKra Motors (SUI) with the team 'Rasensprenger'. On 2nd position follows now robinleese (GBR), but only 3 points behind the leader. The podium is completed by Schumacher (TUR), just another 5 points away.

PFRL Constructors' World Championship:
The leader is again Keke (FIN) with a score of 1366.7 points. Schumacher (TUR) is up to 2nd position, only 6.0 points behind the top place. On 3rd place follows now menzy46 (ROM).

Fastest race lap in Monza:
Adelaidette, GBR - 1:24.813
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ERS Discharge Value


The limiter is the engine score. You cannot score more than 34 points with the engine component.

Formula 'Discharge' or 'Recharge': Engine score / 3 (rounded to zero dezimal places)
Formula 'Overtake Button': (Engine score / 3 (rounded to zero dezimal places)) + 5 points

34 / 3 = 11 -> max. 55% ERS charge.

Kind regards

Maverick - 24.09.2021 16:52:42
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Total Score
Pos. Team Points
1. Rasensprenger 1433
2. F One Fokker 1430
3. Mubin Racing 1425
4. Majestaetixx 1420
5. Mubins CRL Team 1417
6. Estrella Racing Team 1412
7. James Hunt 1412
8. Scuderia Toro Merda 1407
9. Juan Manuel Fangio 1402
10. Mubins Cup Team 1401
Score Race 14
Pos. Team Points
1. Schnick-Schnack-Schnuck 158
2. Scuderia Toro Merda 150
3. Genki Racing 146
4. Screw the Pooch 144
5. Italo Western FX3 Racing 144
6. cornbeefs2 143
7. Racingsimms 142
8. ScotBorders T1 141
9. Silver Team 140
10. Calzone 140
Expert superdigger
Pos. Tip Qualifying (Race 15)
1. Valtteri Bottas
2. Lewis Hamilton
3. Max Verstappen
Pos. Tip Race result
1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Valtteri Bottas
3. Lando Norris
Predicted Fastest Race Lap
Max Verstappen (1:35.333) - Lap 51 

111 Race 15  018
514 Sochi, Russia (24.9.2021-26.9.2021) 336

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