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04.09.2016 23:41:35
  What a round
Congrats Gakra on the race win. Punished me for making my changes late on! Very, very close race between a lot of teams. I feel sorry for Margaret on the fastest lap! Predicted it perfectly, but doesn't get an award, as someone else did too, but earlier! Rare to see that, as normally, just being 1-2 thousandths off will earn the fastest lap prize.

Main championship's heating up nicely. Katalyst not slipping up, Dominik right in there, Schumacher looking dangerous due to getting a lot of the bad tyre out of the way, then, Gakra, Maverick and Chris not far off either (to name but a few).

Behind the two people I really don't want to play catch up against in the constructors. Definitely needing Dominik to slip up there to stand a chance, as he's stretching away at the top.

Lots of big names in the Eliminator, competing to be the first champion of that.

Champions Racing League might be more interesting than I initially thought. Thought Maverick was away and gone (still has a decent lead though). Expecting Schumacher might close in after Singapore, as he has a ton of ERS to use!

Then in the Cup, there could be some big, big draws early on. Could be Maverick v Dominik (assuming he gets through his WC round). Schumacher (if he gets through his WC round) would face a very dangerous Hase, while some big names fell in the groups.

Shaping up to be an exciting final stretch of the season on all fronts! Bring on Singapore!


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29.11.2016 14:31:39
Abu Dhabi 
Thanks CarlisleFrost for the mention. I had some pretty bad races early on, so I was never in contention for anything, but I still had fun this year. I guess I could say I helped Apple dethrone HPT as the top race series, but I couldn't even beat the team that quit halfway through the season there

To Chris: Having too low of a budget can be frustrating, but at least you picked the perfect components for the budget you had (as well as having a great fastest lap prediction). My race-winning team was out of the running in its race series for a while, so I was able to plan out a desperation attack with ERS for the final race.

See you all in 2017!


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28.11.2016 18:59:57
Congratulation to Schumacher for being the true dominance in the past two years. I'm sorry that I failed to prove a real competition for you. Congratulation to CarlisleFrost, who also did great and is on a par with the best in every year.
I salute to Maverick, who never fails fighting spirit and once again did a great finish. He is always a force to reckon with.

Personally I faced several difficulties with my work on PFRL and I need to sort it out over the winter. If I cannot solve that, I will announce my retirement in time.

However I wish every contestant a relaxing break and a good start in the new season.

renault rules

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28.11.2016 04:41:24
What a Season 
Big congrats to German fans for their boy winning the Championship. It was a well deserved Championship and i am happy for Rosberg..

Another big congrats to Schumacher for his Championship also. Second double double in a row. He is building a dynasty here. He was especially phenomenal last races, gave me no chance to catch him. My only consolation is that i beat him in our private league.. Well done bro. "Tebrikler kardeşim!"

I had a great season and won 2 major leagues, finishing second in the Championship is also big satisfaction. Most important of all i enjoyed playing this game a lot. I should thank Maverick and everone else who have helped running this site so well.

See you everybody next season.


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27.11.2016 19:54:56
Thank you very much, CarlisleFrost!

It was an exciting tight fight for the title in the Champions League. I had an almost perfect last round, but I screwed up the Brazilian race.

Mate, you are the deserved winner. Congratulations!


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27.11.2016 19:42:31
oh man. lost the last race win because of setting the team to late. also to low budget for toto as teammanager or to less ers-points. and lost the podium and the eleminatorking because of the "verstappen-gate" ;D

but nevertheless it was a exciting season. because of the slowking hamilton thrilling to the very end. and maverick also did an amazing job again (unless this one decision ).

in the end i got the german championchip and two racewins this year. with this last race and no title for me i worry a bit. but i will be back next year. stronger than ever before with some anger and more motivation
and i think frosti you deserve the podium. some races before everybody thought you and katalyst are the only contender. i lost my chance to get first place in race08 - hamiltons problems brought me 8o points and wasted ers-points. last races my topteams performed admirable well and constantly, but no way to catch schumacher in this season. next year, next try. thank you all for this competition.


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27.11.2016 18:02:13
Well, that's a wrap for the 2016 season. Time for one more round-up!

First off, congrats to Jobber for winning the final race and ending the season in style!

- World Championship: Coming into the final round, this one was pretty much sealed, with Renault Rules needing a little miracle to take top spot, given his tyre advantage. Schumacher took the title, with Renault Rules in second, making it a Turkey 1-2. The battle, really was for the final spot on the podium between Katalyst, myself and Chris. A bad qualifying narrowed it down to a 2 horse race (barring any surprises), and I just held on for 3rd, with Chris 3 points shy (good battle, Chris!). Strong season for my teams (4 of my 6 teams being in the top 15), but missing out on the big prize (Malaysia killed me). Congrats, obviously to Schumacher, who takes his second title in a row here.

- Constructors: Similar to the World Championship, in the fact that this was all but sealed before the race. 20 points ahead with a race to go, Schumacher holding that lead (only dropping a little over a point) to take the title and a very impressive double-double. Second place was mine, ending up some 30 points clear of third, while Maverick took third at the death with a very impressive score for the sound, completing the podium. Great fightback from him in the last few rounds to take that spot.

- Champions Racing League: Probably the most exciting of the trophies being decided on race day, as coming into it, myself and Maverick were tied on points AND scored the same in qualifying. In the end, my superior budget juuuuuust got me over the line by three points, both of us recording huge scores in the race. Massive comeback in the last few races to clinch it, winning the final three to do it, so I'm thrilled. Allrace and Daijhi had a close one for the final spot on the podium, with Allrace's 1 extra point on his race score giving him the final place on the podium.

- Pro League & Rookie League: Renault Rules romped home with the Pro League title, finishing over 100 points clear of Futchi in second, with Maxwell scoring strongly in the final race to snatch third. Bad luck to Christine, who held a podium spot for so long, but just fell short at the final hurdle.
Alan Partridge cruised to the Rookie League title, which, realistically was over a while ago. Blierohr finished strongly to secure second, and Weinkellerx's solid score helped him to just barely squeeze into third (by a point). Well done all of you and hope to see you pushing the big names for titles next season!

Huge thanks goes to Maverick for running another great season on the site. The speedy updates after each race were great! Hoping for another good season in 2017.

Message to everyone is to get the word out about this place. Get your friends involved, as the more people we have, the better the competition is! Have a good end to the year and hope to see lots of people entering again in March, when we do it all again!


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27.11.2016 15:49:59
nice race. congrats schumacher, very strong season. i think the quali killed my race-win-chance but we will see. dont know but i could be 4. in the end.
We will see.

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26.11.2016 17:32:01
@Chris, it was definitely worth a risk. As you were behind myself and Katalyst, that was the only way you'd make the top three and get a trophy. After qualifying, I'm up to 3rd and I think that's the best I can hope for (Renault Rules is too far ahead, unless both Force Indias retire!).

CRL is going to be a nailbiter. Maverick v me for the title. Whoever does better in the race gets it, and we're equal after qualifying.


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26.11.2016 14:02:19
I took some risk, but if i'm right, i could be world champion if ricciardo crashs into hamilton ;D maybe a redbullteam could also be enough what i thought about.. two years ago i tried something similar against dominik but i lost 5 places because of it^^


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14.11.2016 14:38:38
but u were the favorit in the eleminator-final. no liras needet actually^^.

yes last race i had a redbull-team. the decision after the race against verstappen pulled 5 or 6 points of my team and gave your ferrari chassis 1 point. it maked ferrari beat the redbull-komponents. and in this race i would also match your result


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