R04: Baku, Azerbaijan
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League Ranking - Overall: Race series (Official ranking)
Remark: The best 10 race series at the end of the season get 2 additional PFRL Cup Qualifying positions.  
Pos. League-Name / Members Overall R01R02R03R04R05R06R07R08R09R10R11R12R13R14R15R16R17R18R19R20R21
1.Heinz Prueller Tribute League, Div. 120279.292.3100.686.3                  
2.HULKENBERG HUNKS20272.993.695.583.8                  
3.Crazy Fantasy Racers20267.695.690.481.6                  
4.Kablammo Appreciation Society20267.286.692.488.2                  
5.Tina Maze Fans20267.086.695.485.0                  
6.Race Liga20266.990.594.482.0                  
7.StarTiger Armada20266.890.094.282.6                  
8.Racing Leage20266.192.390.683.2                  
9.Motorsports Mayhem Div I20266.088.395.582.2                  
10.League of the Winners20264.689.695.080.0                  
11.Austria vs. the Rest of the World20264.486.892.884.8                  
13.Ambrosia Devon Creamy20263.485.494.483.6                  
15.Fantasy Racing League20262.589.690.782.2                  
16.REYS Welt20262.491.385.485.7                  
17.League Charlie Whiting20262.286.293.882.2                  
18.United Kingdom V France20262.082.293.886.0                  
19.Peter s GazProm Proceedings Prohibited20261.782.792.686.4                  
20.KREUTZBERG KIDS20261.484.991.585.0                  
21.AAE Premier League20260.684.691.684.4                  
22.Fast and Pizza 201920260.282.892.285.2                  
24.Chablis and Chicken Salad20260.082.893.084.2                  
25.Apple Racing Fans20259.487.791.380.4                  
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135 Race 4 016
660 Baku, Azerbaijan (26.4.2019-28.4.2019) 287

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