R15: Singapur, Singapore
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Fastest Race Lap time Challenge:
Remark: You will be awarded with up to 5 points per race, if you have guessed the real fastest race laptime of the next Formula 1 race accurately. The score will be decreased by 0.01 points per every thousandth difference. No minus points will be awarded.
The competitor with the highest overall score at the end of the season will be the winner of the 'Fastest Rac Lap Time Challenge'.
Pos. Team Owner Over. R01R02R03R04R05R06R07R08R09R10R11R12R13R14R15R16R17R18R19R20R21
1.FORCE NEPAL TibetFutchi25.040.580.002.310.004.891.234.434.680.000.001.870.004.800.25       
2.Formula Malaysiasukanduniaaku24.       
4.Brabham FXHarddrivingidiots22.793.670.       
5.Renault Legendenwietti22.311.500.004.583.780.004.704.283.470.       
6.WHO WANTS SOMEcrashnburn21.444.724.650.       
8.JUSTIN Baby OoooJUSTIN BIEBER21.174.450.000.750.004.174.581.151.890.       
9.ZEEE FXBThe ZEEESS21.053.340.002.630.003.544.463.261.820.       
11.Red Bull Racingwietti20.281.641.023.700.004.920.       
12.FORCE NEPAL MallaFutchi20.263.850.003.620.002.410.002.531.670.       
14.CK 1LongbowX20.160.004.960.       
15.BIGWOOD BMWDaijhi220.       
16.Maverick F4 RacingMaverick19.900.004.810.000.004.874.980.910.       
17.FORCE NEPAL LamagungFutchi19.684.000.000.710.002.653.       
18.JUSTIN Never Say NeverJUSTIN BIEBER19.420.       
19.Jody ScheckterFlavio19.311.480.       
20.Schankbier 4Schankbier19.       
21.Kothy 3Kothy19.240.000.563.840.000.001.524.973.670.       
22.FORCE NEPAL ParisFutchi19.       
23.Bringing up the RearBouch19.       
25.Bernie can DIAFyonson19.000.334.843.750.       
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134 Race 15 016
673 Singapur, Singapore (20.9.2019-22.9.2019) 298

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