R06: Monaco, Monte Carlo
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A/P/EX - Ranking: Amateur
The 3 available playing abilities Amateur, Pro and Expert take part together in the PFRL World Championship.
The A/P/EX-Ranking shows the position table of each playing ability. The best Amateur, Pro and Expert is displayed at this place.
Pos. Team Owner Over. pos. Overall R01R02R03R04R05R06R07R08R09R10R11R12R13R14R15R16R17R18R19R20R21
1.Austria RacingHannes Haidinger4.553106110109108120                
2.MickMacP 4MickMacPaddywackN45.52610310198121103                
3.Larrys Lounge Lizards 1LarryMac48.52510011310610898                
4.The Slow CoachesBenGarner (R)51.524111100105102106                
6.VWFXHannes Haidinger72.51995105105104110                
7.FEHE Racing Teammetamorph7180.51793108108105103                
8.Coca ColaSir Jhary85.5161069910699106                
9.X-Fighters 4markus9597.513971109811197                
10.Alpencup Racing TeamSuperviper100.51210211388106103                
11.EvoBridlesMark Evans (R)107.511979710197119                
15.Larrys Lounge Lizards ProLarryMac117.5091041009411497                
16.SF Prof Motors Dubaisvnfrnzn119.5091141048610798                
17.Mikes Mechanics ProMikeMacPhee128.508981089311297                
19.Tomb Raider RacingHannes Haidinger132.5078610494104119                
20.Citroen FXHannes Haidinger133.5077411297109115                
21.Green eggs and HamiltonStevec69 (R)136.506891119796113                
22.extremesportshubmotox2k (R)137.5069411887101106                
23.Northwestern F-TeamnorthwesternN146.50410210589103105                
24.Chariots of FireTurbots2014151.504991109779119                
25.Elliott RacingLuke25 (R)158.5031021078694114                
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135 Race 6 016
666 Monaco, Monte Carlo (24.5.2019-26.5.2019) 289

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