R05: Silverstone, United Kingdom (2)
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A/P/EX - Ranking: Amateur
The 3 available playing abilities Amateur, Pro and Expert take part together in the PFRL World Championship.
The A/P/EX-Ranking shows the position table of each playing ability. The best Amateur, Pro and Expert is displayed at this place.
Pos. Team Owner Over. pos. Overall R01R02R03R04R05R06R07R08R09R10R11R12R13R14R15
1.Champion 2019PaperboyC1.466117108134107           
3.Bierfass 6Bierfass11.450113105128104           
4.Waller 2Waller14.44911599124111           
6.PTY 2kazador19.447106117119105           
7.Butler 7Butler21.44711499126108           
8.Team Rocket RacingTeam Rocket Racing36.44091108134107           
9.ScuderiaMosella 20-9-10redbazi81P38.44010810813490           
11.Northwestern F-TeamnorthwesternN65.4348910813899           
13.Redgodness RacingSchlaegle72.43295112119106           
14.Rollender DonnerRollender Donner73.43289112125106           
15.Band-Wurm 6Band-Wurm74.43284113128107           
16.Cadillac BLS 2simon loynes77.4329010813797           
17.Bierfass 5Bierfass79.43090107126107           
18.Southwestern F-TeamnorthwesternN81.430106104112108           
19.Early Retirement 2cloynes84.43081108139102           
20.Solotip 5Solotip86.4309899124109           
21.AlphaAzzurraUrru91 (R)89.42994106129100           
22.Cadillac BLS 1simon loynes93.42893103125107           
23.Mugen2Mugen (R)104.42789112124102           
24.Glasuhr 4Glasuhr110.42681106135104           
25.Lando Carlosrissianjessp133.4239210912894           
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121 Race 5 017
565 Silverstone, United Kingdom (2) (7.8.2020-9.8.2020) 309

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