R05: Monaco, Monte Carlo
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A/P/EX - Ranking: Amateur
The 3 available playing abilities Amateur, Pro and Expert take part together in the PFRL World Championship.
The A/P/EX-Ranking shows the position table of each playing ability. The best Amateur, Pro and Expert is displayed at this place.
Pos. Team Owner Over. pos. Overall R01R02R03R04R05R06R07R08R09R10R11R12R13R14R15R16R17R18R19R20R21R22R23
1.Champion 2021PaperboyC8.3838784107105                   
2.Racing For EvendaleKokaRacing17.377821009699                   
3.Korrupt 6Korrupt23.375879295101                   
4.ratte1nomis f25.3758488100103                   
5.Formual Otal58Formula OtalN26.375898491111                   
6.KarkrashBa8puss (R)33.37385929898                   
7.Jaja 6jaja757.3707392100105                   
9.EGON 4Egon14970.368878410097                   
10.PBP Racingphl201471.36888958897                   
11.FX Funny RacersFxFan7776.368869382107                   
12.Solotip 6Solotip77.368955999115                   
13.Band-Wurm 5Band-Wurm78.36788919494                   
14.Milchkanne 4Milchkanne80.36792859793                   
15.Little Miss Speedy 3motorace_addictR81.36784929398                   
16.Super Cup FXSuperviper82.367868691104                   
17.Wagen1 StarWagen184.367837793114                   
18.ScuderiaMosella Zwanzig19redbazi81P86.36690859299                   
19.Waller 6Waller94.366798795105                   
20.Bahias 3Bahias95.366769295103                   
24.Wilbur 31Wilbur111.36488938697                   
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111 Race 5  018
514 Monaco, Monte Carlo (21.5.2021-23.5.2021) 326

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