R08: Le Castellet, France
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RACE DATE: 24.06.2018 - 53 LAPS
French Race 2018  


Pure Fantasy Racing League

is not just a simple prediction game. It is a Fantasy Formula sports game from Austria for Monoposto racing fans from all over the world.

Be a PFRL Manager and create your own Fantasy Racing Teams within the available budget. There is not 1 Formula for the best team. 1 Formula does not lead you to the victory, but maybe different strategies. Not the F1-key, but the Forum and the rules will help you in case of questions.

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PFRL World Championship:
Back in the lead is Tim Rees (GBR) with the team 'The Bonus'. On 2nd position follows now Gareth (GBR), with an equal score as the leader. The podium is completed by markusrull (ROM), just another point away.

PFRL Constructors' World Championship:
The new leader is Peter Daniel (AUT) with a score of 677.8 points. agentP (NOR) lies on 2nd position, with a small 1.5 points gap. On 3rd place follows now Margaret104 (USA).

Fastest race lap in Montreal:
Hubcap00, USA - 1:13.865
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Additional Changes Last Race

Well, that blows. Was in the US, so made the changes at a crazily early time in the morning. Should've checked but tired minds clearly make mistakes.

Better to have made the mistake in the groups than the knockouts.

CarlisleFrost - 09.06.2018 15:03:48
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Total Score
Pos. Team Points
1. The Bonus 719
2. Yeti2 719
3. Silver Team 718
5. ZEE FXA 706
6. Max Power 706
7. FS 10 703
8. Dan fuld gas 702
9. Hartley A Chance 700
10. Matra Ford Cosworth 700
Score Race 7
Pos. Team Points
1. Jochen Rindt 146
2. Jaques Villeneuve 146
3. Obelixx 144
4. Caesar 143
5. Alberto Ascari 143
6. James Hunt 142
7. Enzo Ferrari 141
8. FUTCHI Puma 141
9. Rebirth_Mclaren 137
Expert Haettiwari
Pos. Tip Qualifying (Race 8)
1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Sebastian Vettel
3. Daniel Ricciardo
Pos. Tip Race result
1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Sebastian Vettel
3. Daniel Ricciardo
Predicted Fastest Race Lap
Lewis Hamilton (1:32.088) - Lap 45 

151 Race 8 015
868 Le Castellet, France (22.6.2018-24.6.2018) 270

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